6 New Apps for Young Kids With Learning and Attention Issues

Apps are a fun way to help your child learn or manage challenges related to specific learning and attention issues. Here are six new or recently updated apps for young kids. You can use Tech Finder to explore more options for apps depending on your child’s age and challenges.

Price and availability may vary but were accurate at the time of publication, on December 9, 2016. Understood does not endorse or receive financial compensation for the sale of any of these products.

Brili Routines

Brili Routines

Brili Routines is a task manager and scheduler. You select a routine—for example, the morning—and the app prompts your child to complete tasks in the routine. This could be brushing teeth or getting dressed. As kids complete each task, they note it by swiping the task. The app comes with a number of preset routines. You can also customize routines, give rewards and even add voice prompts. (You can monitor your child’s progress remotely, in real-time from another device, for an extra fee of $49.99 per year.)

Issues: Organization, planning and time management

Price: $8.99

Available for: Android, iOS


HangArt: Play Hangman, Draw Pictures, Tell Stories

HangArt is a new take on the traditional “hangman” game. Just like in the original game, kids have to guess the letters to a word before a stick man is drawn. But in HangArt, kids get a visual hint, like a drawing, to help them guess the word. As they choose letters, the app prompts kids to trace the letters with their finger. After guessing a word, kids can draw a picture and record a story to reinforce their knowledge of the word. They can also save the pictures and recordings.

Issues: Reading, writing

Price: $1.99

Available for: Android, iOS

Social Detective

Social Detective

With Social Detective, kids can practice reading social cues and understanding social situations. The app presents kids with a video of a scene acted out. After watching the video, kids have to ask questions about “expected” or “unexpected” behaviors in the situation. They can also guess what the people in the video may be feeling and predict what might happen next. The app reads text aloud, which may help kids who struggle with reading.

Issues: Listening comprehension, social skills

Price: $24.99

Available for: iOS

Sound Salad

Sound Salad: Help Mr. Ear by Sorting Sounds

With Sound Salad, kids match sounds to animals, vehicles and other objects. The goal of the game is simple: Select the object that makes most sense for the sound. For example, if kids hear a honk and someone yelling “Taxi,” they should pick the yellow taxicab. There isn’t much text to read in this app, and the design is fun and whimsical. Sound Salad is appropriate for kids as young as 3. But since it has various levels of difficulty, kids throughout grade school may enjoy it.

Issues: Listening comprehension, attention

Price: $2.99

Available for: iOS

Tales Untold

Tales Untold

Tales Untold is a collection of original audio stories for young kids. The stories are told as episodes in a larger series, with each episode lasting about 5 to 15 minutes. Most are fiction. The episodes typically begin with a fun, kid-friendly song, and are read aloud by an engaging voice. There’s no text in this app, just audio.

Issues: Reading

Price: Free to listen to the first episode of each series (additional episodes are $0.99 and a full series costs $4.99)

Available for: iOS (Android users can access stories from Tales Untold through apps like Audible and Kindle)


Wellbeyond Meditation for Kids

Wellbeyond Meditation has five guided meditations for kids. They cover areas like sleep, focus, feelings and kindness. The app has a simple design, and each meditation is paired with an illustration. This app doesn’t have as many options as other meditation apps, but some kids may find it easier to use than other meditation apps. Learn how meditation could help kids with various learning and attention issues.

Price: Free

Available for: Android, iOS

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