About Auktwb

All parents and teachers want the best for their children. Knowing that both have busy lives, Auktwb is offering support to them in order to discover the child’s strengths, to reach their full potential and to live a peaceful life together. Personal and educational support, but also tips, articles and discussions on the website are aiming to reach millions of people, who are raising children or working in the field of education.

Our Vision:

  • A better human for a better life

Our Mission:

Creating a human , who is discovering his value and strength to live a better life.So, our message is for

  • Every child, who is deserving the best start in his life and the support that enables him to reach his highest potential.
  • Each child, who has the right of living a secure, safe and happy childhood.
  • Each teen, who has the need to discover himself, his skills and talents.
  • Each parent, teacher and any other human, who wants to provide a strong foundation for their child’s life and to develop his own knowledge, skills and attitude.od.

Our organization goals


  • Promoting holistic and positive education through the application of the Montessori philosophy according to the stages of human growth.
  • Encouraging and supporting societies and organizations, working in the field of childcare and human development through consultancy, training and workshops.
  • Empowering teachers, psychologists, and social and health workers in their profession.
  • Strengthening parents in their parenthood.


  • Training workers with special needs children/youth to improve their knowledge, skills and attitudes.
  • Setting up workshops for parents to increase their knowledge and to improve skills in raising their children.
  • Working with children in Creative Learning Groups, which are based on the philosophy of Montessori, to release their stress, increase concentration, order and to improve their skills.
  • Supporting children with learning and concentration problems, behavioral issues and other issues – ADHD/autism/Language disorders.
  • Working with teens to grow towards a healthy and independent adult.