Treatments & approaches

Understanding Your Child’s Trouble With Writing

At a Glance A number of learning issues can make writing difficult. A child may struggle with the physical act of writing, or putting her thoughts into writing—or both. There are many tools and strategies to help improve writing skills at home and at school. If your child struggles to form letters, put ideas into […]

Understanding Your Child’s Trouble With Math

At a Glance Math difficulty often involves trouble with counting and memorizing facts. A learning issue called dyscalculia is a common source of math trouble. There are many ways to help kids get better at working with numbers. Do you often wonder why your child has such a hard time learning math? If she has […]

Different Types of Dyslexia

At a Glance Dyslexia shows itself in different ways and can involve a number of reading challenges. There is no official list of dyslexia types. Some types are more widely recognized than others. Knowing what type of dyslexia kids have can help professionals come up with the best teaching strategies. Kids with dyslexia have trouble […]